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HubSpot Audit- Spring Cleaning Your CRM

HubSpot Audit: Spring Cleaning Your CRM

Spring has sprung. Birds are chirping. Flowers have bloomed.

Unfortunately, we are stuck inside our homes this spring due to that retched Coronavirus.

However, if we look at the bright side, we now have more time on our hands. Something most of us honestly never thought we'd say. With this additional time at home, we're all trying to stay busy and be as productive as possible. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your business at a time like this is slow down to speed up. Take some time to review your data, improve your processes, and clean out your CRM and database.

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Like most software - HubSpot can be a bit overwhelming. If you don't constantly manage your processes or your data it can quickly get out of control. Here are a few recommendations on how to clean up your HubSpot CRM and take control back over your portal.

Review Your Dashboard(s)

Your dashboard should be a snapshot of the most useful information. There are a few reasons why reviewing your current dashboards are important.

First, you want to make sure that the information is correct. Any software can run into reporting issues or connection issues, thus you must ensure that the information being pulled is accurate and up to date.

Second, HubSpot gives you the ability to create custom dashboards as your KPI's are going to vary and no two businesses are the same. Make sure that that the information being reported on your dashboard(s) is vital information for your business that should be reviewed daily.

Website, Landing Page & Blog Improvements

If you are using the HubSpot CMS, or building landing pages, forms, or a blog through HubSpot - take some time to look at the data and make improvements where necessary. These are often some of the most neglected parts of marketing although they are some of the most important digital assets. While exploring these various pieces, look for ways to increase traffic, improve CTA's, repurpose content, drive conversions, etc.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Cleanup

Most CRM's are littered with old contacts. Some that you have no idea how they even made their way into your database in the first place. Clean out those old contacts that are just taking up space. Give yourself more space to add new contacts. Most importantly, as you clear out old or mysterious contacts, you'd be surprised at some of the contacts or companies you should follow up with. People who ghosted you, people you accidentally ghosted, tasks that need to be completed, etc. By cleaning out your CRM, you're sure to uncover some old gems.

Process & Tool Evaluation

Process review is somewhat of a broad term - however I want it to cover all additional processes that are running in your HubSpot Portal. If your marketing team is running workflows, take a look at them to see if improvements can be made in wording, cadence, or offerings. Where can you drive people to new content, new pages, new forms and really boost those conversions. Similarly, if the sales team has been using the same boring sequences for the past year - it's likely time to update them. How is your chatbot working? Have you adopted quotes, service tickets, or other additional tools HubSpot is offerings? Figure out what tools you're not using or maybe which tools you can be using better.

These are just a few ideas on how to get the most out of you HubSpot portal. It's amazing what a refresh will do for you and your company. This spring cleaning will not only give you peace of mind and a clear head as you come out of this Coronavirus chaos, you'll also see some positive immediate impact on your business now that you have taken back control over your database.

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